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Dedicated to my babe <3  You’re my angel  and I LOVE YOU =]

Daily, nightly, you are in my world
Words can’t, say how, much I need you girl
Still I’d, like to, try and find a few
To paint a, picture, of how I feel for you

Inspiring, unbelievable, I’m smart enough to know
That only the real, could speak the truth
And I don’t lie, baby I need you

So real, I hope you understand the way I feel, inside
So clear, there’s only one girl I want right here, in my life
And that’s the way I feel about you baby, No  lie
I swear that there’s an angel missing from heaven, tonight
And the angel is mine
Said I got, I got (an angel)
And I love, I love (my angel)
And I say, I say (she’s an angel)
Everyday, everyday (she’s my angel)

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